Monday, 23 July 2012



Today is my b'day and  today is the day i promised to announce the two lucky Indian entries for NYX GIRLS NAIL PAINTS and winner of swatch pic( prize set of six nail paints by reliance trend)
I never know that i am going  to get such a huge response for my first giveaway and yes  i got more than 10000 yay....still 15 more days left to enter for mega what are you waiting for ....enter here....

2  3 lucky entries for NYX girls nail paint are: 

  1. Shruti Shetty.
  2. Toa Modak.
  3. Ujjwala Dhande
when i am writing this post my husband asked me why 2 winners for nyx your lucky number is 3 u should have 3 winners.

lucky winner of swatch pic is.......................Bhavna Pande.

P.S. winner's entries are eligible for mega prize too.
also u can still send me your swatch pics but know swatch pics only earns 5 extra entries.

congrats winners.



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