Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Nail art times post 11

 hi all
Nail Polish does not contain Nail Polish Remover in its formula in the first place, so why would you want to add another ingredient to the nail polish?
Nail polish thickens because of the other solvents in the formula evaporating!
Nail Polish remover is made to REMOVE nail polish so don’t put it into your polish to thin it down all it will do is break down the nail polish and thus the nail polish won’t stay on the nail for very long after that.
Use a proper nail polish thinner to thin down your nail polish if you must.
If you add Nail Polish Remover to your nail polish it will affect the condition of your natural nail by causing dehydration to the nail plate. Don’t do it!!!

Swatches for this Thursday are:

1.flormar 121 nail enamel.

its a very pretty bubblegum kind of pink.....
drying time : great,fast.
cost:Rs 75.00 

2. NYX dreamy glitter NGP 167
drying time: super fast.
quantity : 12 ml.
cost : Rs. 200.00
Dreamy Glitter is a very pretty glitter with iridescent larger hex's and small glitters and large pink stars. Very pretty and very girly. I had no trouble fishing the stars out which was great!

I used these nail polishes to create this mani.(click here)

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